Gipsy Kings with ChicoGipsy Kings with Chico

Gipsy Kings with Chico

Featuring Chico, Canut Reyes, Patchi Reyes, Paul Reyes

Gipsy Kings with Chico

Featuring the legendary Gipsy King members Chico, Canut Reyes, Patchi Reyes, Paul Reyes

For The 1st Time In 30 Years Gipsy Kings & Chico Will Perform Together

Gipsy Kings & Chico – “La Guapa” featuring Rio Santana


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About The Gipsy Kings & Chico

There is so much more to the make-up of the Gipsy Kings’ success which saw them become the first French group to be awarded a platinum disc in the US and go on to sell an estimated 20 million albums, making them the biggest world music crossover act, well ahead of the Buena Vista Social Club. As well as leading Chico & the Gypsies and releasing a dozen best-selling albums since the early 90’s, Chico is also a UNESCO special envoy for peace and a keeper of the Gypsy culture flame. Although he is not actually of Gypsy extraction, he developed a unique kinship with the rich culture and its traditions that were transported from Catalonia to the Mediterranean regions of southern France at the start of the Spanish Civil War of 1936-1939.


Born Jahloul Bouchikhi in Arles to a Moroccan father and an Algerian mother, Chico grew up in Provence where he was befriended by the Reyes family headed by Jose Reyes, a renowned Flamenco artist and gifted singer who performed with his cousin, the virtuoso Flamenco guitarist Ricardo Baliardo aka Manitas de Plata, in the early 60’s. Inspired by the Manouche (Gipsy Jazz) legend Django Reinhardt, they helped popularise a style of music influenced by the rhythms of the Afro-Cuban Rumba. Jose Reyes then set up the band Los reyes, later to become The Gipsy Kings with Chico (who had by this time married Jose’s daughter Marthe) and various family members, travelling around France, playing at weddings, festivals and in the streets.

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